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An elevated photo + film house documenting the magic of
weddings through timeless + romantic visuals.


for couples ready to indulge in their moments..

The truth is your wedding day comes and goes in the blink of an eye. All those moments you have been counting down to will pass, and if you're not careful you might look back and wonder how that day felt. At Lola Mango Photo + Film we believe your moments are for feeling and your wedding is for experiencing.  Fully indulging in your day and leaving the rest to us is what we do best.  If you are ready to live out the greatest moments of your life, we are the photo house for you.

recent magic...


After falling in love and spending several years living in Italy, Kinzie and Nick draw their inspiration for their work, from their international adventures. As a couple who began their business while living in one of the most beautiful but quiet corners of the world, they truly believe beauty is everywhere if you just know how to capture it. As people persons, Nick and Kinzie found their second love traveling to document people in love.

Most likely caught booking last-minute tickets to spend Valentine's Day in Paris, they both thrive on living a spontaneous, love-centered, adventure-driven life. They live and breathe the concept that experiencing life is the only thing that will continue to fulfill you forever which is why it is second nature for them to document love with so much emotion and beauty.


"...Her skills are beyond compare. How she manages to capture every emotion in her work always leaves me awestruck. Worth every penny and more." - Maggie Kelley

Boutique Wedding Photo Studio


"Kinzie, is simply amazing. If you are looking for someone who steps in and belongs, skips the awkward step and adds to your day or experience simply with her presence you have found your photographer. Her attention to detail and vision allow for you to remember details that you might not have even realized during the time. She captures your authentic personalities, both individually and as a couple! Thank you for all your amazing work Kinzie! We love you" - Amy Weston

Moment: noun
1. a very brief period of time.




"Do you want magazine/movie quality photos? Do you want to feel great and have fun while taking those photos? Look no further. This is one special and brilliant photographer. Kinzie photographed our intimate Italian wedding ceremony and exhibited such a high level of professionalism, talent, insight, and awareness while still being SO much fun. She took the beauty of the surrounding architecture and landscape and magnified it in the way only such a talented eye can do. " - Laura Duty