"Your wedding day... eeekk it's finally happening. You've been dreaming about it forever right?
 Maybe your planning goes back as far as cutting photos out of BRIDES magazine and gluing them to a poster board or maybe you have been going steady on the perfect Pinterest wedding mood board since your first serious boyfriend.
The point is, you've been prepping for this, forever.
The perfect wedding dress, a stunning venue, years of planning, thousands spent all ending in one beautiful day. And it's gone before you know it.
 This is why your wedding photos + film are the investment of a lifetime. Your keepsake. Your time capsule. Your legacy, your press pause.
Your wedding photos + film are all those moments bottled up into one magical place preserved forever. Your happily EVER after"

Nicholas & Kinzie

"... she runs her business well and we felt very comfortable with her contract and how she communicated with us about payments. We are absolutely in love with her work!" - The Richard's



Chances are your plate is overflowing with your wedding to-do list and we want to make working with us one less stressor. This is why we have worked so hard to make the process easy-peasy. You'll find loads of reviews, samples of our actual galleries, and the full process of working with us here online so you can get a real feel for what we're all about!


When you've fallen in love and know we're the one(s),  you can expect a quick response to your inquiry and most of our couples have a contract signed and deposit paid within 48 hours of reaching out! Talk about getting right down to it!!


We are more than happy to set up an initial phone call or video chat if this is within your comfort zone, we get it some times you just need to put faces to names, but we feel our website is amazing at conveying our vibe so if you don't have the time, trust us when we say, what you see is what you get.



We finally get to meet!!

After dreaming up your perfect engagement session together (picking a location, chatting about outfits, and ideal time of day) we finally meet up for your engagement session! This is one of our favorite parts of the process. We get to actually meet, Yay!! It's kind of first date vibes, only the type of first date where you hit it off and feel like soul mates.


It's totally okay to be nervous, 8/10 of our couples say they felt nervous. But turst us, this is where the magic happens!! When you can sit back, relax, and trust us to do what we do best, we are going to be able to capture you both in ways you didn't even know were possible. We are notorious for making even the most camera shy people, feel like they're just spending time with their babe during this session. 

We pride ourselves in delivering you a sneak peek within 24-48 hours of your sesh because let's be real, we're all ready to see that ring on the 'gram!! 

2-3 weeks later your full gallery will hit your inbox, cue happy tears, you're going to love them all so much you won't know which ones to post first.


"My fiancé and I had such a blast for our photos with Kinzie. She’s such a pro at helping you feel natural and relaxed. My booking/ payment process took about 3 minutes and responsiveness was lightning fast! We got a sneak preview the same day. Our photos for the vision I had. They look fabulous and we will be using them for greeting cards/ save the dates/ invitations, as well as covering our house walls with them!" - Lulu S


About 2 months out we really start figuring out your details! This is where all of our 5 years of experience and over 60 weddings is so helpful! It's super normal for you to get asked 400x what your timeline for your day looks like. Trust me when I say ... your friends, Grandparents, officiant, second cousin,  distant cousin, they all expect you to know your timeline becuase they want to know too.


Chances are you're doing this for the first time and this is where all our our experience comes in to play.  Each wedding is so uniquely structured depending on your bridal party size, number of locations for the day, and so much more. We work heavily with our couples to make sure they feel like they know the best layout of their day to maximize their time and get all the photos they dreamed of.


We even send out a fun couples questionaire where you let us know just which family memebers maybe shouldn't be in the same fam photo and which crazy uncle just might show up a little to tipsy! Trust me, we've seen it all! We want to be on the same page and prepared to make everything that much easier. This is why we really put in the time to hammer out all the deets!


"Part of me doesn't even know how to put into words how awesome Kinzie is. But I will try. I'm pretty picky-like the kind of picky that cared about her photo count. It may seem silly but we got BURNED with our proposal photos. We wanted to be sure it wouldn't happen again. We asked so many questions about her character and her ability. She was upfront and honest with us from the beginning. I appreciated her bringing me down off the ledge about how photo count isn't the most important thing. The beauty is the most important. And I can say our engagement and wedding photos are amazing..." - Jade K



it's finally here!!

After all the time spent planning, nothing can truly prepare you for your actual wedding day. You wake up, it's here and it's over in the blink of an eye. We want you to slow down and enjoy every second of your day which is why we typically show up when you are getting ready and stay until you drive away in your getaway car. This allows us to capture your whole love story.


Your wedding day is our favorite part of the process, which probably sounds like a huge duh, but for us we truly love watching your vision come to life and feel so honored being the ones to preserve those moments forever in your photos + film.


On this day we don't need anything from you guys. After so many years of weddings, we could basically do this in our sleep! This is why we prefer to document your day based on your real life connections with your babe and guests, so don't worry we actually don't need a shoot list from you!


This is just another way we take stress away from your to-do's and allow you to soak up more of your actual wedding day. We'd be willing to bet if you are after a specific shot, it's because you saw it on our Instagram or website and it's already on our shoot list. We know exactly how to document each of our couples in the best way to set you up for all those magical moments to unfold, trust us, we got you! 


"Kinzie was so amazing to work with! My husband and I aren't super comfortable and a little awkward in front of the camera, but Kinzie made it so easy and fun. We had engagement, wedding day, after the wedding destination, and bridal boudoir photos and every single one is amazing! She communicated well throughout the entire process and was always available to answer any questions that we had. We could not be happier with our photos and our experience working with Kinzie!"- Makayla P



This is typically the best day ever! I mean yes your wedding was awesome, but it came to an end. Your photos + film will last forever. Talk about the investment of your lifetime. Your photo gallery typically takes 3-4 months to hit your inbox and your film takes 4-6 months.


We learned the hard way that rushing things, just doesn't benefit anyone. And instead, if our clients having a clear expectation of delivery time, makes for less stress on everyone. This way, when Granny hits you up one week after your wedding you know exactly when to tell her to expect to see all your memories. 

On gallery/film delivery day cue more happy tears and pop some bubbly, because you finally get to relive your day!! Eeeek! Your dress twirling on the dance floor, the cake being smashed in your face, your smiles beaming as you walk down that aisle hand in hand finally married... It's all there!! And we can't be more excited to hand over your memories for you to have eternally.