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2021/22 Highlight Reel

We have been meaning to play catch-up on the blog since these last few years all feel like one big blur. Does anyone else feel like since Covid began all the years have been one, never-ending year?! We sure do. If you have followed us any amount of time you're probably aware Covid hit our house pretty hard in August 2021 and even landed Kinzie in a hospital stay. It somewhat felt like our health didn't recover until this fall of 2022 and it was around then we realized we had a serious mold exposure/issue that had likely been causing all of our lingering "Covid" symptoms to hang around a lot longer than usual. 2022 brought the continuation of all of our health issues which lead us to believe pregnancy was really hard on Kinzie and her body again hadn't fully recovered from Covid. To our shock and horror, we had six walls out of our master bedroom, bathroom, and the kid's bathroom removed for serious black mold. We are talking walls crumbling to the touch and it smelt so awful. All unexplained nausea, platelet, blood pressure, and respiratory problems during pregnancy suddenly made sense. High levels of mold exposure can create serious health issues like these and commonly are misdiagnosed as other health issues. Our oldest cough he has had for about a year, gone with the mold removal. Our back to back never ending colds and cases of flu, all gone. Our bodies are still recovering and it wasn't an overnight solution but we are so happy to be moving the right direction and finally having answers. You start feeling crazy when you're sick that much, looking for answers and everyone was treating us like we must have been doing something wrong to always be in urgent care, ER's and Dr apts looking for answers, missing out on our normal life. It was truly a full 14 months of sick and we can't even explain how excited we are to be on the up and out from this season. Health truly is wealth and when your health is missing from your life it feels so uneasy and the peace of mind restored to us knowing we can control our health for the first time in what feels like years is AMAZING. With all that being said I wanted to share a highlight reel of our some of our favorite moments captured between 2021 - 2022 seasons here. You can expect some fresh full weddings up on the blog in the coming weeks and lots of posting on our social media again as we are back and feeling SO ready to take on 2023 with all of our amazing weddings to come in St. Louis, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, St. Lucia, Jamaica, New York, the list goes on, so keep up with us this year, it should be magical!

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