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A & J // The Dungeness Spit

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

These two cuties were one of my last sessions this summer and such an amazing way to wrap up the season. The location was particularly special to Alysha because her dad has worked at this park since basically forever and you bet we joked about him banning us for dangling off the bluffs all evening long. These two danced in the heavy winds and took in the cotton candy sky sunset and just relaxed in their love for each other. How freaking gorgeous is she with her glasses?! I know this is probably a weird thing to say, but as a girl who wears glasses all day, every day I was seriously SO happy over her choice to wear them. Not only did she rock her glasses but she gave me confidence in wearing mine for photos. Any of my glasses wearers out there struggle with this? I am definitely going to rock them for my photos from now on, because she was so right when she said it just wouldn't be me without them.

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