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Styled Shoot // Lake Crescent, WA

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

I am so thankful to have lived in such a gorgeous place all year around. Now that I have been in Illinois for a month I have come to realize just how drop dead gorgeous Washington is. There isn't really a day you can't make photograph magic. During this styled shoot it was windy and around 32 degrees and my hands were cold, snow was coming down, and it was a quite the hot mess of a styled session. I remember feeling like dang I wish the weather had been better. Then I moved. It's finally warming but in the last five weeks it has been ranging from 10 degrees to 60 degrees with wind chills every day. We have had two or three tornado warnings (no actual tornados here yet). All the trees are bare, minus a handful of random ones. The fields are mowed down and bare. Essentially everything I have been used to falling back on, green trees, mountain views, bodies of water, Illinois has none of that. So needless to say as I blog about this incredible gorgeous Washington winter day I am reminded how lucky we really are living and growing up there.

This styled shoot had an AMAZING group of women behind it and I can't thank them all enough for bringing my vision to life.

Thank you again to Olivia Tousseau with Wildflower Cakes for the gorgeous and equally delicious cake.

Kitara Davis with Dahlia Fields for the insanely creative florals.

Alysha Vogel with for the bomb hair and makeup.

Chelsea Dutta with Ammas Umma for the not only stunning but ethically sourced details.

A few other vendors involved:

Dress - White Fox Boutique

Candles - Hannah Turner with Wax & Wane

And obviously a HUGE thank you to our models for sticking out the snowing/sleeting cold weather and still looking glam as ever.

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