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Pick the Perfect Color Pallet

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Whether it be your engagement session or your full blow wedding day, picking the perfect color pallet goes hand in hand with achieving the best wedding photos. Although I personally shoot for a timeless, light and bright, film photography style, these same color pallets could work for a more moody photography.

It is essential you are in open communication with your photographer about the vibe you are hoping to achieve. They should be able to give you styling tips for your clothing choices, pick the perfect engagement session location, point you in the right direction of a venue that fits your desired look, and more. As a full-service photographer, my goal is to make your wedding photo dreams a reality. I want them to be better than Pinterest worthy. Call me corny but I really do believe your wedding day should be magical and truly everything you have been dreaming up since you were a child. Your day will come and go in the blink of an eye and all you have left is your photos. So let's hope your photos are as gorgeous as you always dreamed.

I decided to take the guesswork out of making sure this happens by creating this guide. No more guessing on colors. No more wondering what your final product will look like. No more location choice struggles. This guide will help you see, first hand, what you need to do to achieve your desired photos, and let me tell you it's not just what outfit to wear, there is so much more. It's location, time of year, time of day, wedding colors, outfit colors, and more.

It's all those perfect little things adding up to make your dreams into a reality.

... Your dreams, into your photos.

To check out the full guide follow this link here:

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