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A & T // Green Point, WA

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Thomas & Avalon Winfield - June 30th

These two love birds were married on her parents property overlooking the straights of Juan De Fuca. The property has two houses a tree house and a main house (AKA bigger tree house) and let me tell you about these houses... I have never seen anything like them. Check out this house... I'm not even sure how to describe it. Rustic meets modern PNW treehouse cabin?! You tell me. You can actually rent it on Airbnb (Green Point in Port Angeles, WA). The details of this wedding were so true to these two. From Sasquatch and porcupine socks to having Kombucha on tap, yes Kombucha! This wedding was a real celebration of everything these two love. Their benches were hand made from trees off the property. I'm not kidding you this was the most magical DIY wedding I have seen. I'm not a huge DIY girl myself but when I started to see everything come to life I realized the bride's family are DIY champions. They pulled together this dream wedding in 4 short months and you would think they had been planning it forever.

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